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The Digital Pen

The evolution of the pen has taken a surprisingly leisurely pace. The most significant innovations in the development of the pen have been the refinement of ink and the nib. Now, the humble pen has turned into a wireless digital device that converts writings and drawings from ink on paper to digital information that can be stored and transmitted to computer systems via the Internet or other local area network.
  • Write and Illustrate. A digital pen is like a regular pen. It writes and illustrates with real ink on paper and is a familiar tool for recording information for centuries.
  • Capture and Store. The digital pen has a built in camera that scans the path of the ink strokes. The digital pen captures and stores written information by identifying and recording ink strokes. Convert and Transmit. The stored information in the digital pen can be converted into data and transmitted securely to a server platform for various applications.
  • Integrate and Apply. The stored information is organized as a database and integrated into the companies' workflow application. InfoMax Technologies' use of a digital pen as a means of data capture, streamlines paper processing by immediately imaging, routing and converting handwritten inputs to data for integration with a variety of business systems applications.
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