InfoMax iFORMation™ Platform

In order to truly benefit from the digital pen and paper technology, the application software and systems sitting behind the hardware must perform well and is crucial to a successful implementation. InfoMax has developed a robust digital pen platform, called the iFORMation™ Platform, to facilitate the use of digital pen and paper technology in a wide variety of environments. Below is the highlight of the platform's features:

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  • Electronic delivery of your handwritten forms from anywhere to the centralized server for processing and storage, via our proprietary iFORMation PenStation™ or mobile devices
  • Automatic creation of perfect quality image and document formats including PDF
  • High quality handwriting recognition with online verification capability
  • User-defined rule-based workflow – You decide how a form should be processed
  • Multiple form routing options – Print, fax, email, etc
  • Data export capability to export digital form data to your back-end systems
  • Dynamic form printing – Pull information from your back-end system to print it on the digital forms
  • Web access – View and manage your forms online
  • Secure data transmission and data encryption
  • Centralized management of digital pens, PenStations™, users, and other system resources
  • User-defined data access control – You decide what forms a user can use and/or see
  • Audit trail of every single pen stroke on every digital form
  • High scalability – You can start with a basic system with a few digital pens, and gradually scale up to a full-blown distributed system infrastructure, which can handle millions of transactions
  • Customizable – We can tailor the iFORMation™ Platform to meet specific client requirements

iFORMation™ Portal

The iFORMation™ Portal is a web-based tool for accessing digital forms and managing everything related to the iFORMation™ Platform. Read more

iFORMation PenStation™

The iFORMation PenStation™ is a proprietary electronic device which transmits handwriting to the centralized server. Read more

On-going R&D

Research and development of the iFORMation™ Platform is on-going. InfoMax is committed to developing and enhancing a robust and user-friendly system to allow our customers to gain full benefits of digital writing.


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