Value Points of the iFORMation™ Field
Insurance Solution

The iFORMation™ – Insurance solution provides an opportunity for insurance companies to improve the productivity of their Claims Adjusters and Inspectors. The solution can rapidly implemented because the IT requirements from the insurance company are minimized and the training effort for the field staff is minimal. The solution has a low total cost of ownership and a very short period of return on investment.

  • The Solution with a Cost Effective and Expeditious Implementation
    The iFORMation™ – Insurance solution has an implementation time-line that is far shorter than a solution based on laptop computers or tablet PCs. The ongoing IT support costs are relatively low and insurance forms can be modified and integrated with back-end systems on relatively short notice.
  • Improved and Quality of Field Data Capture
    iFORMation™ – Insurance provides insurance companies with claims and inspection reports in a more timely manner, while enabling field workers to increase efficiency and mobility. The solution is designed specifically for data collection and processing from handwritten business forms. The solution integrates best-of-breed handwriting recognition software to convert handwritten information into digital format.
  • A Solution Ideally Suited for Insurance Field Workers
    One of the main objectives of iFORMation™ – Insurance solution is to provide insurance inspectors and claim adjustment experts with a solution that is ideally suited to field work. A pen and paper solution is the easiest to use in the field, and has the advantage that it requires minimal user training to move to a new form solution..
  • Industry Specific Business Rules
    iFORMation™ – Insurance includes business rules that are industry specifics. It enhances the quality of the data and the percentage of handwriting converted to digital text automatically. When field workers transfer the data to the server, the server checks the data and flags the majority of errors or missing information and enables the insurance field worker to make the required adjustments. This way, the claims adjuster or inspector is able to correct the errors himself before transferring the data to the company’s back-end system. With the integrated business rules, the system acts as a guide which means the data is already validated by the expert before it is sent for processing.
  • Increasing Service Quality without Increasing Costs
    iFORMatio™n – Insurance enables insurance field workers to further increase efficiency and meet ever more strict time lines and procedures without increasing costs related to these procedures. Before implementing iFORMation™ – Insurance claims adjusters and inspectors generally had to drop off their handwritten forms at their local office to be typed up by administrative staff. Generally, the data was typed, reviewed by the inspector or adjuster, then corrected again, then re-reviewed before the data could be sent to a database or application for further processing. All of the tedious time spent typing handwritten notes, in addition to the numerous revisions is greatly reduced with iFORMation™ – Insurance . The system results in a huge savings in staffing costs, as the number of administrative staff required is significantly reduced.
  • Reduced Travel Costs
    Field insurance staff no longer need to travel to the office thanks to various options for remote data transmission and web-based review and correction options. This improves employee satisfaction and reduces travel costs.
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