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Wish I had more time to maintain this page...
All the art, great design and post-2k look is provided by Brain  Laz & Ness

BTW I have a the bEst! place for my page, thanks to Jim Pick .

IP masq stuff

If you need help for setting up masquerading and related funnies, please visit IP masq web site.

_________ 2.2 patches -- some ... _________

You won't have an SMP machine, but you must compile and test with devel kernels with SMP
-- mom said
  1. All patches have been included in 2.2.19

_________ ipmasqadm tool _________

This is for linux kernels 2.2 and above
A little FAQ may help...

To build it please do

make   KSRC=/usr/src/linux (or whatever)
and install it with
make install


________ Misc docs ... ________

My diald rpm

I've been bombed with e-mails about corrupt diald rpm at redhat contrib. Although I did not upload it 1st time (?), I did it some days ago (with no result).

Please note that I don't run diald with diald-config package (maybe it'll run --no tests done), I use linuxconf's dialout module.

  1. . diald-0.99-1.i386.rpm
    Kernel 2.2.x, net-tools >= 1.50.
    Diald rpm. See diald home page for the source and more info.
    Patched a little to test also for running on 2.2 for iproute2 tools correct usage.
    Other files:
There is a report that states that it is working with Redhat contrib's
Email me for questions
Formal st(p)uff ...

think free, code free, open your source, release your frontiers ... .

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