Key benefits for LTC Pharmacies

  • Dramatic Productivity Increases
    LTC companies that implement iFORMation™ LTC Pharmacy have seen a significant increase in productivity as a result of this application. It saves the pharmacy's time and allows for quicker resolution of questions and queries.
  • A Competitive Edge for the Pharmacy to Attract New LTC Facility Business
    The iFORMation™ – LTC Pharmacy solution gives LTC pharmacies a competitive advantage over other pharmacies competing for the same long-term care facilities’ business. New business can be more easily generated through marketing iFORMation™ – LTC Pharmacy solution to new long-term care facility prospects. Solutions with tablet PCs, mobile phones and PDAs require more training and changes in behavior on the part of doctors and nursing staff. Additionally, these other technologies would be more costly to procure, and require more effort to implement, time to deploy, as well as time and effort for ongoing maintenance.
  • Cost Savings
    The pharmacy also saves money. Prescriptions arrive earlier in the day, which allows the pharmacy to complete its work earlier and consequently reduce its operating costs.
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