Key Benefits for LTC Facilities Staff
and Residents

  • Rapid Adoption of the Technology with Minimal Training For care providers, the challenges of adapting to the new technology are minimal. Besides ensuring that the pen is docked properly, they can continue to work in the way that they are used to, while enjoying numerous advantages.
  • Web Portal to Review Transmitted Prescriptions
    A web portal with an easy to understand interface enables facility staff to review the prescriptions that have been transmitted to the LTC Pharmacy.
  • Tedious work Reduced
    For example, the tedious work of compiling and faxing prescriptions to the pharmacy is eliminated, the time spent to re-organize and file prescriptions is also eliminated, and the staff can now review each resident’s prescription information on-line. Also, the care providers no longer have to manually document medication orders in the drug record book as order confirmations are printed automatically.
  • Better Resident Care
    The new system is time-saving and this fact, combined with better access to information, ultimately leads to better resident care. For example, residents experience fewer delays in receiving medication, since prescriptions are handled more efficiently.
iFORMation – LTC Pharmacy Solutions (Brochures)
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