How iFORMation™ – LTC Pharmacy Works

The digital pen and paper solution consists of digital pens and digital forms , a dedicated InfoMax data transmission appliance and a docking station for the pen, connected via secure Internet to the InfoMax Digital Pen Platform located at the LTC Pharmacy data center.

The Unique InfoMax PenStation™ Device Enables Ease of Deployment and Ease of Information Transfer

A unique dedicated InfoMax PenStation™ made deployment and communication as simple as hooking up a fax machine, and allowed rapid deployment to many locations in a short period of time. With the simple appliance set up, the ongoing support cost is also greatly reduced. The long-term care facilities are much more comfortable using the PenStation™ to transfer information to the pharmacy rather than connecting to a computer and uploading the information. The PenStation™ results in drastically reduced support costs. LTC Pharmacies have realized the value of the simple to use PenStation™ communications device. There are no requirement for a system administrator to install this foolproof device.

The compact PenStation™ eliminates the need for a computer or technical knowledge to send prescriptions from the Long Term Care facility to the LTC pharmacy. When InfoMax developed the PenStation™, a powerful control system was also developed to support effective remote customer service.

Doctors Record Prescriptions with a Pen – But Now a Digital Solution

On their rounds of the long-term care facility, doctors carry a binder containing forms with each resident’s profile information. These forms are printed on paper with Anoto’s unique pattern. After seeing each resident, the doctor writes down what medication or treatment is needed on the resident form, using a digital pen. The pen looks and feels like any regular ink pen, but contains a tiny infrared camera and processor which enables it to “read” and digitize pen strokes as they are written on the resident form.

At the End of a Round – Pens are Docked,
Communication is Immediate

At the end of a round, the doctor docks the digital pen to the InfoMax PenStation™ at a nursing station. The PenStations are installed at every nursing station in the facility. The prescription data contained within the pen is transferred via secure Internet to the InfoMax Digital Pen Platform located at the LTC Pharmacy data center or alternatively hosted by Infomax. The nurse or doctor receives an automatic confirmation that the data has been successfully transmitted, along with a confirmation number for future reference.

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