Benefits for Municipal Works Departments

Increasing Service Quality without Increasing Costs

Municipalities continue to increase their requirements with regard to respect to time lines and processes in completion of various forms. The iFORMation™ – Municipal Works digital forms solution enables field staff to further increase efficiency and meet ever more strict time lines and efficiency requirements without increasing costs related to these procedures.

Reduced Data Entry Costs

Before implementing the iFORMation™ – Municipal Works pen and paper solution, outside workers generally had to drop off their handwritten forms at their offices to be entered into asset systems by administrative personnel. This meant having all of the data typed into the system, having it verified by the field management, then corrected for errors, then re-read, before the data could be sent to a business system for processing and report generation. All of the tedious time spent typing handwritten notes, in addition to the numerous back-and-forth exchanges, is no longer necessary. This translates to a huge savings in staffing costs, as the number of data-entry administrative staff required will be reduced.

Business Needs:

  • Improve service time-lines and quality of data delivered to back-end systems
  • Increase efficiency of field and office staff
  • Handle a growing number of forms
  • Increase productivity of field staff and enable completion of forms in a familiar manner
  • Reduce costs to maintain tight budgets
  • Get a solution in place and running quickly and easily


  • Double data entry of forms by field and administrative staff is too costly
  • Laptops and PDAs too cumbersome for use in the field
  • Field workers require a solution that will not slow their completion of forms in the field

The iFORMation™ – Municipal Works Solution:

  • Field workers send data by several options including the InfoMax PenStation or wireless via a Blackberry.
  • Costs are reduced through automated data transfer to asset management systems such as Hansen and Maximo
  • Error alerts are handled in an automated manner enabling staff to make corrections themselves
  • iFORMation™ – Municipal been designed to decrease forms completion times and reduce costs. Additional benefits include improved data accuracy, staff satisfaction, and overall easy adoption of the solution.
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