The InfoMax Partner Program

InfoMax works closely with its partners to maximize the contribution of each partner's unique strengths and business model to provide higher value and more complete solutions to our mutual clients. All authorized InfoMax partners have experience in specific vertical markets, possess a solid technical knowledge of InfoMax's modernization capabilities and offer local sales, marketing, project management and technical services.

InfoMax currently offers two main business partner categories:

Authorized Sales Partners

InfoMax Sales Partners resell InfoMax solutions within specific geographic or vertical markets. They perform market development activities, generate interest and enthusiasm, evaluate potential client opportunities, manage the ongoing sales activities and finalize client contracts with the assistance of InfoMax sales, marketing and technical resources. The InfoMax team will work directly with the client to complete the project with local support and assistance from the Sales Partner.

Authorized Solution Partners

Solution Partners are usually systems integrators or consulting firms that provide value added services that complement the InfoMax solution and more broadly address overall IT management requirements. Solution Partners may be directly involved in the application enhancement activities and will typically provide high-level project management, delivery of consulting services and coordination of general client requirements.

Our Technology Partners

Anoto - Anoto is a Swedish technology company and world leading in the unique technology for digital pen and paper, which enables fast and reliable transmission of handwritten text into a digital format. 

Vision Objects - Vision Objects is French based company and the leading worldwide provider of handwriting recognition technology with more than 5 million users and remains faithful to its promise to the market.

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